Do you need a professional team to stream an event? Give us a call!  Whether it is a live-streamed event that is free to your audience, or “paid,” we have a team to provide all you need to produce a top-tier online event.

We can also configure your event so that your viewers will pay a fee to watch your live stream! In the video industry that’s called “Pay-Per-View” or PPV. The team at Clarrix has years of experience in live streaming. From concerts to conferences, to network marketing presentations; we’ve done it.

We can handle any size audience using top tier CDN (the bandwidth) from a single viewing location to millions of viewers.

Free Demo

Nothing will convey to you and your team how our Pay-Per-View system works until you see it in action. Please contact us to arrange a live demo of a “mock” PPV event.

The Cost?

Setting your fees is a very special step in the pay per view planning. How long is the event? What is your overhead? What price will lose the buyer?  Do you have to share the revenue with anyone such as the artists or a sponsor?  Is there advertising associated? And of course, what does the bandwidth and e-commerce cost?

As a rule of thumb, plan for $1.00 per viewer, plus 20% of the fees you charge as a cost of the data to be streamed. As an example: if you want to charge $10 to each viewer, our fees will be $1.00 plus 20% of 10 ($2.00) = $3.00 per attendee. You will receive the remaining $7.00 for each viewer. This estimate is just a rule of thumb. The cost can vary by many factors, particularly if you wish for our team to provide all the technical work and equipment.

If we do any development or production work, those fees are will be quoted and must be paid prior to the release of the pay per view offering. And if you want us to be more active in your event, we’ll consider partnering with you.

Adverting Opportunities?

It is possible to insert images, banners, and even videos INTO a stream and charge sponsors or advertisers for the advertisements. This offers a significant additional revenue opportunity. If we provide the website for you, there is also opportunity to embed advertisements into that page as well.Contact Us to discuss the details!

How It Works

  • Your Pay Per View Event is configured on our system.
  • Viewers come to a payment page via a link or a website we provide you
  • Viewers pay, and then receive an encrypted link that only allows them (one user) to view the event via their phone, computer, or tablet.
  • We transact the Pay Per View fees, deduct our technology, bandwidth, and associated production fees, then transfer the remaining fees to you.

Technical Stuff

  • Camera(s) capture your content
  • The camera’s are feed into a computer application that allows us to “manipulate” the video stream
  • The camera feed(s) are then sent up to our content delivery network (CDN) via a single stream of video.
  • Our CDN then is able t

Keep This in Mind

  1. Cameras: This can range from iPhones streaming from the field, to multi-camera professional camera team. Static cameras vs. mobile, pan-tilt-zoom, controlled by a camera person on each camera or remote controlled.
  2. Production: once camera is easy. If multi-camera, who will do the mixing and with what tools?
  3. Website: We will supply you with either a link to embed on your website, or a full website that will present your event, transact, and lead the visitor directly into the viewing of the event!
  4. Promotion: With a pay per view event, you obviously wish for the event to be well attended. How will you get the word out? Is there a budget? Do you have a following or social network, or email list to contact? Is it press-release worth?
  5. Internet: In order to stream a live event, a single stream UP to our distribution delivery network (also called a CDN) must be a large, and as stable as possible. Preferrable hard-wired, but wifi can work in some cases.
  6. Licensing: who owns the content you’re streaming? Music can be challenging due to some of the licensing rules associated with music. Do your homework!
  7. Power: a good stable power source is essential.

Neovix can assist at each level of production. Although we are primarily a technology provider, we have the ability to produce 100% of an event. Contact Us to discuss your project!